Santa Ana

Foundation: Before the settlement of the capital of the Kingdom in the Panchoy Valley, the presbyter Juan Godínez founded around 1538 an oratory in Las Milpas de Santa Ana, which was later elevated to the category of hermitage. (AGN, 2018)

Church: Santa Ana is recognized today as the first hermitage of La Antigua Guatemala. (AGN, 2018)

It celebrates its titular feast day on July 26th. (Emilsa & Castillo, n.d.)

Mass Schedule: Sunday: 9:30 a.m.

Curious facts: On the fourth Sunday of Lent, according to the tradition inherited from the Colony, the image of the Nazareno de la Dulce Mirada goes out in procession, accompanied by the image of the Virgen Dolorosa. (AGN, 2018)

The image of the Nazarene is one of the first to arrive in the then Kingdom of Guatemala (1527) from the Spanish coasts. (AGN, 2018)

In the village of Santa Ana, the most characteristic feature is the production of handbags with Mayan fabrics. (The village of Santa Ana in Antigua Guatemala, 2018)

Handicrafts: Jade jewelry, Mayan textiles, wood carving, handmade toys, chocolate, coffee and handmade bread. (The village of Santa Ana in Antigua Guatemala, 2018)

Academy, Museum, library or art center: La Nueva Fábrica, contemporary art space in Antigua Guatemala. (La, 2014)

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